Based on best Lithium chemistry, KOYAMA LITHIUM GREASE 3 is the finest MP Grease with antirust and corrosion inhibiting additives. It has a wide range of applications including automotive wheel bearing where they can operate at extremely high temperature. It also offers exceptional performance at high temperature while maintaining excellent structural integrity and adhesion and is also resistant to ingress from water.
• Exceptional performance in applications operating at high temperatures and pressures.
• Perform admirably in aqueous environments due to high resistance to entry of water.
• Optimum protection offered to axles, bearings and rings.
• Wide operating range of -20 to 150 °C.
• It offers excellent film thickness.
• Excellent protection against rust and corrosion.
• Reduced downtime and maintenance costs.
• Highly resistant to water ingress and contamination.
• Wide operating temperature range. Excellent low temperature properties.
• Extended intervals between re-lubrication due to high durability and long life of product.

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